About Cyber Sakha

This is an organization established in the fall of 2009.
Its purpose is to adopt the new information technologies for Sakha language as well as for other minority languages of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and to achieve wider use of these languages in Internet.

The key directions:

- software localization (UI translation)
- produce more content in the native languages
- to communicate with the government, to support progressive initiatives
- IT terminology in the native languages
- educational activities (papers, magazines, meetings and forums)

The organization is not to be a governing entity. Instead it’s a voluntary establishment of individuals and organizations where they can share and get help related to using IT with the native languages and not duplicate the efforts.

The board:
Nikolai Pavlov (Chuekke Sien
, halan@ya.ru)
Albert Gabyshev - journalist, producer, camera man
Bert Jikti - audio engineer
Alexandr Varlamov - Evenk culture researcher, webmaster
Web-site: Mikhael Kyrasa
E-mail: cybersakha@gmail dot com